What is Rhythm / Kickboxing class? As many of you know, getting in your weekly exercise is as important as it in difficult. Rhythm / Kickboxing is a way to have a lot of fun doing a martial arts class that keeps you engaged and enthusiastic and helps you do more than you would be able to with just the routine of exercise. We use music in the same way it’s been used for centuries in dance and ritual to keep the body moving and to build a group choreography that helps us keep going. Most of my classes use Electronic Dance Mesic (EDM) for the music of the class because of the heavy beat and the way that it motivates us to keep on moving.

The rhythm / kickboxing class offered in Burbank is for all ages and abilities and focuses on exercise, coordination, and martial arts tradition to engage the full body and have a lot of fun. More fun exercising then you ever thought you could have! Join us for a free class trial or 2 week trial ($28) Mondays and Wednesdays from 7pm-8pm.

Check out the video to the right to see some of the basic 4 count, 2 count, and every count moves we learn in our dance fighting!