“Pa Kua has given me the strength to do things physically and mentally that I never thought possible.”


“I learned how to focus and keep my guard up while fighting.”


“Master Kyle holds a compassionate, heart-centered space for a wide range of ages and abilities. The Burbank Pa Kua studio is making Martial Arts available for everyone. For many years I struggled to maintain motivation for exercising and found most fitness classes daunting. Finding the Burbank Pa Kua community changed that and helped me finally develop a reliable weekly exercise program that has improved my life in countless ways.. The secret ingredient is in how this studio emphasizes community connection and achieving our personal best in a non-competitive environment. That means I don’t have to be in perfect shape to take a class. I can show up as I am, wherever I’m at and do my best for that day. I learn how to let my best fluctuate. This non-competitive, social approach was the key for me developing a long-term exercise practice.”


“Last year I decided to try Tai Chi. It was something that had always seemed interesting to me because of the therapeutic benefits to the body combined with the meditative aspect. So I checked out a few different studios but after my first class at World Pa Kua Martial Arts I felt that I had found the right fit. Master Kyle Billingsley is an exceptional teacher who was engaging and able to impart the basic fundamentals of Tai Chi right away in the first couple of classes. His style of teaching has allowed me to absorb information at the speed that is comfortable for me. My mind and body experience changes and improves with each class in a way that applies very noticeably to other areas in my life. I have now been studying with him for a few months and have really seen a difference in the way I feel inside and out.”



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