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In order to correctly describe this art one would be better served by calling it Reflectology. This refers to the use of microbodies to heal and harmonize the whole body. Reflexology is taught in a class format that enables the student to perform treatments both on himself and on others. A class in Pa Kua reflexology is a treatment in itself and careful attention is paid to each student and to his or her individual needs. Through the study of one’s relationship with the universe one can seek to achieve harmony.

This millennia-old traditional study, based on the traditional Pa Kua symbol, is an internal Martial Art and is concentrated on the healing of the internal organs in order to increase their capacity. The movement exercises promote organ rejuvenation, and breathing exercises, meditation, and the massage of feet, hands, and ears generate further health benefits. Our feet, hands and ears actually contain a map of our bodies on them. By learning to access a certain part of the body through massage of the foot, hand, or ear, we can promote healing or prevent organ imbalances and even diseases.

The art of reflexology was practiced in ancient China to heal family members without seeking help from a doctor. The art has been taught and practiced from generation to generation. Students who practice reflexology consistently report feeling better after class, more energetic, clear-minded and strong. People who suffer from chronic ailments such as headaches, digestive problems, back pain, weight imbalance and stress related pains turn to Pa Kua Reflexology as a cure to these afflictions. Once learned, reflexology can be practiced throughout life and used to help heal oneself and one’s family and friends. Pa Kua Reflexology is a part of the ancient Pa Kua Knowledge.


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