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The most popular and commonly known part of Pa Kua is the martial art form called Pa Kua Chuan (Baguazhang). Many Martial Arts practitioners all over the world have been exposed to this form in one way or another. Pa Kua Chuan is easily recognized because of the circular form of walking and movement that dominates the form. Masters of various disciplines encourage their students to study Pa Kua Chuan to improve and increase the fluidity of movements in fighting techniques or in combat and sparring situations.

The Pa Kua Chuan techniques are just one aspect of the martial arts discipline practiced. There is also grappling, submissions, pressure points, sparring, self-defense, throws, escaping, rolling, falling, and others.

Pa Kua is a comprehensive martial art which brings the student to a sense of understanding of himself as well as his surroundings. Pa Kua stresses personal development over competition which allows people of all ages and abilities to practice toward the goal of self-improvement. It use the opponent’s momentum against him, and a thorough study of flips, rolls, falls, self defense and sparring techniques add confidence that will greatly benefit any student.

Pa Kua develops every part of the human anatomy by generating a proper flow of energy within the body. The movements are studied to provide an internal massage of the organs as well as develop an unparalleled coordination of movements coupled with improved mind/body communication. The training in slow forms nurtures harmony and growth of the spiritual and physical life force. Pa Kua is a complete art and gives its practitioner a better sense of self confidence, increased concentration, augmented coordination and improved flexibility. Pa Kua is an art practiced all types of people, regardless of age, injury, or ability.

A Family Friendly Martial Arts Program

World Pa Kua Martial Arts and Health offers martial arts of all kinds, but our primary focus is the sacred art of Pa Kua. This comprehensive, family-friendly art form is fundamental for all martial arts. The welcoming, non-competitive environment is ideal for the whole family, and since we emphasize personal growth, both children and adults of all levels will find a perfect place to learn. Try a free trial to strengthen your body and find self-improvement and self-confidence in your mind.


5 Reasons why our Martial Arts Program is fit for You & Your Family


Inclusivity is the cornerstone of our Martial Arts Burbank community.

You may be learning to manage a variety of weapons with your newfound martial arts skills, but you won’t focus on combat. Instead, this is a safe space to connect with an ancient art form, and with yourself. All levels, from first-timers to advanced practitioners, are welcome to become a part of a community that blends self-defense skills with an increased awareness of yourself and the environment around you.

Our program helps you work on personal growth and self-esteem.

Instead of focusing on the opponent, this practice focuses inward. You’ll learn to connect with your body through slow, mindful movements that make sure your energy flows harmoniously through your body. Your newfound intentionality will then help you connect with your mind and recognize the strength within you. This art form is designed for you to think about yourself, how you move, and where you are in space and time It’s not about winning a fight; it’s about helping you reach your personal best and grow in all areas of your life. The more connected you are to yourself and the more you grow personally, the more you will find confidence in everything that you do.

You may joke about walking in circles, but the circular walking form in Pa Kua is one of the most central and disciplined skills that you can find in martial arts.

Moving in a circular pattern, especially in various types of posture, requires very intentional movement and an awareness of your own body. This skillful movement is so impactful that students of all martial arts disciplines are encouraged to study it. As you focus on yourself and your surroundings in these fluid motions, you will develop a key martial arts foundation. Your new footwork may even come in handy for avoiding blows in self-defense.

This practice takes a non-combative approach, especially at our Martial Arts Burbank studio, but it’s still a martial art.

You may not be competing with anyone, but if you need to develop your self-defense skills, this practice can come in handy. You’ll learn to spar with various weapons and use strikes, kicks, and throws. You will also learn pressure points and how to use your opponent’s momentum to your advantage. Of course, acrobatics also play a part in the new skills you develop, so you’ll practice falls, somersaults, rolls, and flips as well. Part of self-growth is learning to take care of yourself in all situations, and the self-defense techniques in this art form can help you learn to do so.

This martial arts practice focuses on slow, controlled movements.

You will learn to be intentional, which means that you will improve your focus. As you practice concentrating your body and mind on your martial arts skills, your focus will improve overall. This newfound skill can expand into all aspects of your life, whether you’re growing academically, professionally, or personally. You never know how strong you are until you need to use your strength. This martial arts program will help you tap into your inner strength by teaching you a variety of disciplined, controlled movements that are both graceful and useful for self-defense. If you are looking for a more vigorous class, you might also want to consider our Burbank kickboxing class (Pa Kua Rhythm).

Whether you register now or start your free trial, you will find that the non-competitive atmosphere creates a safe space for you to focus your mind inward, grow personally, and develop your confidence and self-esteem.

Martial arts are far more than sparring: they are the key to a stronger, healthier, more confident you.


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