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Pa Kua is a non-competitive and comprehensive art form incorporating a wide variety of techniques designed to help students gain a better understanding of themselves and their surroundings. In our classes you will learn striking, self defense, grappling, pressure points, throwing, rolling, and falling techniques just to name a few. In addition you will learn how to overcome your fears and the obstacles in your life. Pa Kua can be practiced by anyone regardless of age, gender, injury, or ability. We emphasize personal growth and work to foster confidence in both kids and adults.

One of the most famous aspects of Pa Kua is the martial art style known as  Pa Kua Chuan (Baguazhang). This internal style is famous for its distinctive circular walking forms and use of open hands. While this is one aspect of our teachings, it is only a small part. We avoid the use of the term “style” and the strict adherence to forms, as it can severely limit students. As you gain confidence you will learn which techniques are most enjoyable or effective to you and develop a style which is unique to you.  We are dedicated to offering family friendly experience where both individuals and whole families can come together for self improvement.

In this class you will learn:

  • A wide variety of martial arts techniques recognizable from: Karate, Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, Jujitsu, Krav Maga, Kung fu, and Muay Thai
  • Physical Conditioning
  • Self defense and Combat Techniques
  • Self Confidence, Inner Strength, and Emotional Control
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World Pa Kua Martial Arts and Health is dedicated to offering family-friendly programs for all ages. In our kids classes, your child will develop the physical and internal self confidence they need to prevent bullying, deal with conflict, and control their emotions. They will also learn about discipline, awareness, and the importance of a healthy diet. We also encourage families to take class together so they can better understand one another and learn to deal with any conflicts that might occur in a positive and productive way. Not only that, but you’ll have fun doing it! Sign up for a free trial and find out what makes us different today!

Conveniently located in Burbank


Kids Martial Arts

A class for ages 6-13.

Monday’s & Wednesday’s 6pm – 7pm

Adult Martial Arts

For a teens and adults ages 13 and up.

Tuesday’s & Thursday’s 7pm – 8pm

Women’s Martial Arts and Self Defense

For women and teens ages 13 and up.

Monday’s 7pm-8pm




Let us help you get started on your martial arts journey!

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Master Mo Williams was born in a small town in Washington State where he spent his days camping, hiking, and backpacking. After moving to Los Angeles, he discovered Pa Kua and it changed his life. He credits his practice with both his physical and mental successes. More than that, he found a home in World Pa Kua that gave him a purpose. Master Williams teaches both adults and kids. He holds a black belt in martial arts and is currently training for his second black belt in weapons. As the newest addition to the team, Master Williams hopes to give kids and adults a safe place where they can discover their true selves.

“You don’t have to feel stuck, you don’t have to let anxiety control your life. We all deserve to be treated with respect and to hold our heads up high. That’s what I want each of my students to understand.”