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The most popular and commonly known part of Pa Kua is the martial art form called Pa Kua Chuan (Baguazhang). Many Martial Arts practitioners all over the world have been exposed to this form in one way or another. Pa Kua Chuan is easily recognized because of the circular form of walking and movement that dominates the form. Masters of various disciplines encourage their students to study Pa Kua Chuan to improve and increase the fluidity of movements in fighting techniques or in combat and sparring situations.

The Pa Kua Chuan techniques are just one aspect of the martial arts discipline practiced. There is also grappling, submissions, pressure points, sparring, self-defense, throws, escaping, rolling, falling, and others.

Pa Kua is a comprehensive martial art which brings the student to a sense of understanding of himself as well as his surroundings. Pa Kua stresses personal development over competition which allows people of all ages and abilities to practice toward the goal of self-improvement. It use the opponent’s momentum against him, and a thorough study of flips, rolls, falls, self defense and sparring techniques add confidence that will greatly benefit any student.

Pa Kua develops every part of the human anatomy by generating a proper flow of energy within the body. The movements are studied to provide an internal massage of the organs as well as develop an unparalleled coordination of movements coupled with improved mind/body communication. The training in slow forms nurtures harmony and growth of the spiritual and physical life force. Pa Kua is a complete art and gives its practitioner a better sense of self confidence, increased concentration, augmented coordination and improved flexibility. Pa Kua is an art practiced all types of people, regardless of age, injury, or ability.


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