Where can I keep my things?

Next to the door there is a shelf with 2 black boxes big enough for purses and bags and out of sight. On the top half there are 4 small drawers for small purses, wallets, and keys. Please use these to keep your belongings out of sight.               

Where can I park?

If you are dropping off or picking up, or any weekday after 6:30pm, you can park in any open space. If you are going to be staying for more than an hour, we ask that you park on the access road across from Ralph’s in front of EZ Storage, or on the street to allow the customers going to the jewelry store, dog groomer, or locksmith/bike shop to have close access for their short stays.

When should I arrive?

It’s always a good idea to be five to ten minutes early to class so you have time to change, relax, and get mentally and physically prepared for the class. Be considerate of the class in session and turn off your phone. You can walk on the mat behind the class to get to the bathroom or back area if you need to without waiting on the class to end (except for archery).                   

How do I sign-In or register for class?

Please sign up for all your classes in advance on our website This way the teachers can plan the class ahead of time and provide the best education for all. It will also make sure that you always have a spot in the class and helps us to know when you are ready to advance in belts.

When you arrive, find your name to sign-in. If you can’t attend a class, you can just cancel and let your teacher know.

Do I need a Uniform?
Yes. We wear different uniforms in different classes, but you should have a uniform. You can buy them at the school. We ask that everyone wears uniforms for the primary reason that they make us all equal. We are not practicing to show off our body or our station in life. We all have the same needs as humans, so we all dress to be equal. Black Pants and a white shirt for Chinese Yoga, and any color shirt for Acrobatics, and Rhythm. Please wear your highest rank belt to start the class.   


How do I get my next rank?


Approximately three times a year World Pa Kua holds evaluation and improvement classes in Southern California. One of the higher rank masters in the institution spends two to four weeks as an itinerant master. We call this period an itinerant time, or itinerancy. That master will evaluate students during the regular class times, they will teach grey belts and higher improvements class, and teach belt seminars.

How much do the evaluations cost?

    Evaluations are an $80 fee paid to the international school (World Pa Kua Martial Arts & Health). Payments should be made in advance of the evaluation date. If a student doesn’t receive their next rank for any reason, the student won’t pay for the next evaluation until they advance in rank. 

When do I get my belt?

    About two to three weeks after the close of the itinerant classes the local schools will hold a belt ceremony. It’s a gathering and opportunity to meet all those that practice in your area and to see and congratulate each other on their achievements. Often friends and family come to participate and watch the class and demonstrations. If you are unable to attend a ceremony, your belt will be handed out during a regular class after the ceremony takes place.

What is an improvement class?

After a student has a solid foundation in a discipline, and many hours of practice, they are mentally and physically ready for specific and detailed improvements on their techniques. These classes are usually taught by a master who is not the normal teacher of that student and will help to round out the education of each student as they grow. Each improvement class costs $60, and a different amount of them are required for each rank after grey belt (needed more between each belt). Improvement classes are scheduled during itinerant times according to the student and masters schedules.                

How do I advance in rank?

We offer three evaluations each year. Everyone is invited to attend any evaluation no matter how many classes they have attended or their skill level. Evaluations cost $80 for each discipline and for each rank. If you participate in an evaluation and don’t receive your next rank, you won’t have to pay again until you advance in rank.


What Classes can I attend?
We ask that each student finds a teacher and takes all of their classes with the same teacher. We are trying to educate each student who comes in our door. The best way to provide quality education is to make sure the student has a strong relationship with their teacher.It’s also important to keep a regular schedule, as life allows, so that you can repeat the techniques enough to get them into your memory.