Parking is available in our front lot for drop off and pickup, as well as anytime after 6:30pm. If you are going to be staying for longer than an hour, we ask that you please park on the street or on the access road located directly between the Ralphs and the EZ storage. Please be courteous of the other businesses in our lot who need access to the front lot for short stays.

Please arrive five to ten minutes before your class so that you have enough time to change, relax, and get prepared. Make sure to turn off your cell phone and be considerate of any classes in session. You can cross the mat behind the class in session in order to access the bathroom or back area. The only exception to this is Archery.

We have storage space available throughout the studio for your personal items to be kept out of sight.

Please register for all your classes in advance on our website. This helps the teachers plan ahead of time and provide the best education they can. When you arrive, make sure to sign in on the tablet located next to the front door. If you are going to miss class, please cancel online and make sure to let your teacher know in advance. Attendance also helps us to know when you are ready to advance to the next rank.

Yes. Students who are absent are welcome to attend class at another time with the same Master or Instructor if your schedule allows. If you cannot attend any other sections, please speak with your Master or Instructor and they will work with you to try and find a solution. It’s important to us that you get as much out of our school as possible.

We encourage parents not to be present during regular classes as it can be a distraction to their child. Typically we will hold events in which you will have the opportunity to see what your child has been learning. If you have further questions about this, please don’t hesitate to ask your student’s Master or Instructor.

Yes. We wear different uniforms in different classes, so make sure you refer to your student handbook or ask you instructor which is the correct one. Uniforms can be purchased directly form the school. We ask that everyone wear a uniform for the primary reason that they make us all equal.

Please wear your highest rank belt to each class, even if it is for another discipline. 

From White to Gray: Students must attend an Evaluation (held during a period of time known as Itinerancy) and meet the minimum number of required classes for their level of mastery.

From Gray to Black:  Students begin attending Improvement Classes. Each rank requires a certain number of  Improvement Classes before that student can advance to the next rank. 

Itinerancy is a period of roughly two to three weeks during which students undergo Evaluations, Improvement, and Seminar classes in order to gain more knowledge and help them to advance to the next belt. This means you may be given the opportunity to attend classes outside your normal class schedule. Typically they are held every 3 months or so.

An itinerant class  in which a visiting Master observes the progress of students from White to Gray belt and determines whether they are ready to progress to the next level of mastery. Evaluations require an $80 fee paid to the international school (World Pa Kua Martial Arts & Health). Payments should be made in advance of the evaluation date. If a student doesn’t receive their next rank for any reason, the student won’t pay for the next evaluation until they advance in rank. 

An itinerant class for students ranking Gray to Black belt in which a visiting Master focuses on a speific area of improvement. This might be a special area of techniques not normally covered and is designed to provide a different perspective from that of their normal Master or Instructor. Improvement classes require an $60 fee per class paid to the international school (World Pa Kua Martial Arts & Health). Payments should be made in advance of the class. A different amount of Improvement classes are required for each rank after grey belt.

About two to three weeks after the close of the itinerant classes the local schools will hold a belt ceremony. This gathering is an opportunity to meet to all those that practice in your area and to celebrate each others achievements. Often friends and family come to participate and watch the class and demonstrations. If you are unable to attend a ceremony, your belt will be handed out during a regular class after the ceremony takes place.

Typically, yes! If you have the time and are willing to commit, programs are a great way to enhance your knowledge and gain new rewarding skills. Speak to your Master or Instructor if you’d like more details.

We ask that once you have chosen a teacher, you take all your classes from them. Having a strong relationship with your teacher is important, provides consistency, and allows for a better understanding of each individual student.

Yes. We encourage all students who wish to truly commit to the discipline they study to purchase their own equipment such as: bows, arrows, swords, wraps, gloves, ect. However, we ask that you speak with your Master or Instructor before buying these things so that they can advise you on which style or type to get.  If you would like to buy a bow, arrows, or swords, please speak with your teacher and they would be happy to assist you.


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Master Mo Williams was born in a small town in Washington State where he spent his days camping, hiking, and backpacking. After moving to Los Angeles, he discovered Pa Kua and it changed his life. He credits his practice with both his physical and mental successes. More than that, he found a home in World Pa Kua that gave him a purpose. Master Williams teaches both adults and kids. He holds a black belt in martial arts and is currently training for his second black belt in weapons. As the newest addition to the team, Master Williams hopes to give kids and adults a safe place where they can discover their true selves.

“You don’t have to feel stuck, you don’t have to let anxiety control your life. We all deserve to be treated with respect and to hold our heads up high. That’s what I want each of my students to understand.”