increase Vitality with ENERGY – CHI STUDIES


The world is full of energy, passing through us in the air we breathe, the things we eat, the time of day, time of year, and temperature all play a big part in understanding the life energy or chi. The study of chi is the study of the energy flow in the body (meridians or energy pathways) and how the change and move as the year and day progress. Learn massage, movements, and nutrition for each of the 12 major energy ways and learn how to harmonize and balance your daily and yearly activities and diet.

Even the health-oriented amongst us, those of us who do not care too much for the fast-paced, pill-popping society we live in, are still influenced by our surroundings and our eating habits. Vitamins and supplements fill the health shop shelves and we have a feeling of furthering our preventive approach when we swallow, with our breakfast, a series of vitamins in form of pills. The expression “expensive urine” is often heard and serves as an accurate description of what happens to many vitamins as they pass through our bodies. The Pa Kua approach to nutrition is one that enables the body to receive the right amount of vitamins and vital nutrients through the processing of regular food intake. Eating the right food, in the right quantity and in the right amounts will supply the body with all it needs in order to maintain proper harmony and vitality in all of its daily activities. Once again, the philosophy of helping the body deal with its daily tasks, rather than taking over its job, comes into action.


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