increase Vitality with ENERGY – CHI STUDIES


Chi (Qi) is best defined as “Life Energy.” It is the energy of all things including the air we breath, our food, the time of day, and even our own personalities. By studying this “life energy,” and how it affects us, we can work to balance and harmonize all aspects of our lives. In this class you will learn about the energy pathways of the body (meridians) and gain an understanding of your own energetic tendencies. Using massage, movements, and nutrition, you will be able to help balance both your body and spirit according to your own individual needs. By understanding the energy of food, we can learn what foods we should be eating, when, and how much. A greater understanding of chi will help us to gain control over our lives and the ways in which we are unintentionally influenced by other people, our environment, and even society.


In this class you will learn:

  • Seasonal movements 

  • Meridian massage 

  • Nutrition

  • Energy theory (yin/yang, Sky/Man/Earth, 5 elements, etc)


Let us help you get started on your martial arts journey!

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