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The are 6 spaces available in front of the school and 9 more behind the school in the parking lot, available to all students after 7pm an weeknights. Before 7pm and on the weekend, park on the Alameda access road. Turn into the Ralphs parking lot and then head behind the store and over the bridge and park anywhere next to EZ Storage.

– Students should arrive 5 minutes before class to change and prepare for class on time.
– Long hair needs to be pulled out of the face and tied up.
– Loose long pants and t-shirt or uniforms are required in all classes. No midriff shirts, tight yoga pants, or tank tops.
– Clothes and uniforms must be kept clean. Students must come clean.
– All bills are due on the 1st, any bills paid after the 5th will be subject to a 5% late fee. If you want a different bill date, please contact administration.
– Missed classes can only be made up by prior arrangement. If you miss a class without informing your instructor, you will not be able to make it up. Classes will only be made up if the student misses due to illness or injury, not because of choice.
– You must attend classes with your instructor or master only. Exceptions can be made only with consent from your teacher and the other teacher.


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