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We practice a traditional, non competitive, style of martial arts based on the study of the Pa Kua (Bagua) symbol. Originally developed in China, Pa Kua literally translating to “eight changes.” It represents a holistic approach to classifying and understanding the energetic movement of the world and ourselves. It has formed the basis of many practices within Chinese culture including: Feng Shui, Taoism, the I Ching, as well as various martial art styles such as Baguazhang (Pa Kua Chang).

We often refer to Pa Kua knowledge as “universal knowledge,” meaning that we believe this knowledge can benefit anyone regardless of culture, identity, religion, or status.

Unlike many approaches to martial arts, we do not limit our techniques or forms. You can find a wide variety of techniques we use reflected in other martial arts such as baguazhang, akido, krav maga, katate, jujitsu, and kickboxing. We consider all techniques to be held within Pa Kua knowledge. For this reason, we refer to Pa Kua as, “The Style of No Style.”

As a holistic martial art, each of our programs are considered part of the same whole. We work to develop the body and mind both internally and externally.

Being a student of Pa Kua means being a part of a community, we believe strongly that practice is the true path to understanding. Students work closely to support, motivate, and encourage each other.


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Master Kyle Billingsley lives in Burbank with his wife and two boys. He has been studying Pa Kua since 2005 and has been teaching since 2007. He has a passion and a dream to spend his years helping others learn the skills and techniques they need to live a full and harmonic life. The study of Pa Kua has brought him peace and strength and helped him learn how to be a full functioning adult and good member of his family and community and he loves to pass that on to others. He is registered in the California TrustLine database for background checks, email or call to get his full name and drivers license number to search.

Master Jessie Sheldon

I decided to take an evening archery class a couple of times a week in 2017. I found Pa Kua archery to be a calming activity at the end of my day. Not only do I love the way I feel at the end of every class, but I have moved forward to other Pa Kua disciplines, including martial arts, Chinese yoga, reflexology, swords and edge weapons and tai chi. This has been a very rewarding experience for me. I love the masters and all the information they include in every class. My life is better today because of Pa Kua.

Master Marina Beretta

Master Marina was born in Cordoba, Argentina. Since 2013 has dedicated herself to the study of PA KUA knowledge as a way to incorporate in her life this ancient Chinese Tradition of healing the body through physical and mental techniques.
She strongly believes that a way to achieve a healthy, harmonic ,balance and happier life is through the mastery of our School disciplines; following this beliefs she holds Black Belts first Degree in Martial Arts, Chinese Yoga, Tai Chi, Archery and Edge Weapons, and color Belts in Energy-CHI studies and Acrobatics.
The study of PA KUA brings her the opportunity to understand and internalize the connection between the inner and outer world of human beings, and to share with the community through teaching this ancient Chinese Knowledge all of the PA KUA techniques in order to become an outstanding human being in all aspects of life.


Master Mo Williams was born in a small town in Washington State where he spent his days camping, hiking, and backpacking. After moving to Los Angeles, he discovered Pa Kua and it changed his life. He credits his practice with both his physical and mental successes. More than that, he found a home in World Pa Kua that gave him a purpose. Master Williams teaches both adults and kids. He holds a black belt in martial arts and is currently training for his second black belt in weapons. As the newest addition to the team, Master Williams hopes to give kids and adults a safe place where they can discover their true selves.

“You don’t have to feel stuck, you don’t have to let anxiety control your life. We all deserve to be treated with respect and to hold our heads up high. That’s what I want each of my students to understand.”