July 2019

After School Program for Burbank and Glendale


Looking for a place for your kid to go after school? Want more from the time between last bell and when you get off work to pick up your child? Why not continue and fill out the education with physical activity, respect, self-defense, and self confidence. World Pa Kua Martial Arts & Health - [...]

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April 2019

Belt Ceremony Photos


Belt Ceremony Photos are here! Thanks to instructor Ned Record for taking the photos and editing them quickly. You can see these and buy prints at burbankpakua.shutterfly.com if you want any for your home or refrigerator.

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March 2019

What is Rhythm/Kickboxing


Rhythm class uses the age old tradition of music and beat to exercise and get excited to keep on going. All night dancing and working out combine with martial technique in this class to learn and condition the body. This class focuses on Timing Combinations Flexibility Conditioning Cardiovascular condition. Martial Arts & Self Defense [...]

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An Experience in Chinese Archery – By Jessica Martin


One of our students, Jessica Martin, wrote this blog post about her experience in Chinese Archery. It's always nice to hear from the students about their experiences at the school. Thanks Jessica! http://jessicaerinmartin.com/chinese-archery/

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January 2019

A focus on the Triune Brain


Last month I focused on some ancient philosophy so I thought today I would talk about something more modern. The Triune brain is a model for the evolution of the brain and behavior. It has the idea of the following three minds. (Below is from http://www.mybrainnotes.com/evolution-brain-maclean.html) "Protoreptilian formation (including basal ganglia, mid-brain, and brainstem): [...]

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A Focus on Conscious Thought vs. Muscle Memory


Our brain has two major ways of thinking and recalling information. They go by many different names. The first type is conscious thought. That basically covers everything that you hear your brain saying to you. The voice that you have of yourself in your mind is conscious. The second kind  of thought is instinct/muscle [...]

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A focus on Understanding


This last week I had the experience that we all sometimes have, where I believed I understood a concept well but when the idea came up in conversation, I had a moment of epiphany. A new level of understanding. It's a funny thing that doesn't happen that often, but are the moments that define [...]

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A focus on Deep Thoughts


Most of us, especially in the modern world, think of ourselves as multitasking. Of being able to answer e-mails, text a friend, cook, and watch the news all in a 15-30 minute window. An average American checks their phone 46 times a day. Assuming they are awake 16 hours, that's once every 20 minutes. [...]

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A focus on Paths


This year I have found a common theme in what I say to others, and what I think about myself throughout the year. You need to find a path to walk and make a plan on how to walk it. I see many students and friends who seem to be heading through life one [...]

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A Focus on Weight Loss


Most of the students who come in to my school looking for weight loss solutions think they will find the answer in more rigorous and physical exercise. Many of them come in for rhythm class, or martial arts, trying to find a quick way to shed pounds. There are a couple points each person [...]

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