November 2019

A focus on the Origins of Pa Kua Knowledge


When we talk about the origins of Pa Kua knowledge we are talking about the origins of the universe and its natural laws. Pa Kua is the study of the way the world functions, the actions we take, the reactions we get, and the consequences of those actions. If I jump, I will come [...]

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September 2019

Black Belt Ceremony Photos August 24th, 2019


Congratulations to Jessie Sheldon and Ben Martin for receiving black belts on August 24th. Jessie Sheldon received her first degree black belt in Archery, and Ben Martin received his first degree black belt in Martial Arts. [...]

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August 2019

What is Pa Kua?


Explaining Pa Kua to those unfamiliar with it can be tricky. We aren’t defined by the belief that there is only ONE WAY to do things. We can’t point to a book and say, “This is Pa Kua.” There haven’t been any hit western movies romanticizing the martial abilities of someone studying Pa Kua. [...]

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What is Rhythm / Kickboxing class?


What is Rhythm / Kickboxing class? As many of you know, getting in your weekly exercise is as important as it in difficult. Rhythm / Kickboxing is a way to have a lot of fun doing a martial arts class that keeps you engaged and enthusiastic and helps you do more than you would [...]

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July 2019

After School Program for Burbank and Glendale


Looking for a place for your kid to go after school? Want more from the time between last bell and when you get off work to pick up your child? Why not continue and fill out the education with physical activity, respect, self-defense, and self confidence. World Pa Kua Martial Arts & Health - [...]

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April 2019

Belt Ceremony Photos


Belt Ceremony Photos are here! Thanks to instructor Ned Record for taking the photos and editing them quickly. You can see these and buy prints at burbankpakua.shutterfly.com if you want any for your home or refrigerator.

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March 2019

What is Rhythm/Kickboxing


Rhythm class uses the age old tradition of music and beat to exercise and get excited to keep on going. All night dancing and working out combine with martial technique in this class to learn and condition the body. This class focuses on Timing Combinations Flexibility Conditioning Cardiovascular condition. Martial Arts & Self Defense [...]

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An Experience in Chinese Archery – By Jessica Martin


One of our students, Jessica Martin, wrote this blog post about her experience in Chinese Archery. It's always nice to hear from the students about their experiences at the school. Thanks Jessica! http://jessicaerinmartin.com/chinese-archery/

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January 2019

A focus on the Triune Brain


Last month I focused on some ancient philosophy so I thought today I would talk about something more modern. The Triune brain is a model for the evolution of the brain and behavior. It has the idea of the following three minds. (Below is from http://www.mybrainnotes.com/evolution-brain-maclean.html) "Protoreptilian formation (including basal ganglia, mid-brain, and brainstem): [...]

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A Focus on Conscious Thought vs. Muscle Memory


Our brain has two major ways of thinking and recalling information. They go by many different names. The first type is conscious thought. That basically covers everything that you hear your brain saying to you. The voice that you have of yourself in your mind is conscious. The second kind  of thought is instinct/muscle [...]

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