Studio Open – Attendance Guidelines

   Here at Burbank Pa Kua, we take your health and safety seriously. Even more so because of the nature of what we do in many of our classes, and the close contact they require. As such we have implemented a new set of rules and guidelines to make sure everyone is kept healthy, safe, and happy. Per CDC and State of California guidelines we have taken extra steps to maintain the highest cleanliness standards. This includes using alcohol and bleach solutions to clean all surfaces before and after use, providing hand sanitizer, and keeping our doors open to increase airflow through the studio.

This is new for all of us, so please feel free to bring any concerns or questions to your Master or Instructor. We want to make sure everyone is comfortable and will do our best to accommodate your needs regarding health and safety. Below are a few general guidelines and specific rules to help with this.  

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR ALL CLASSES: Due to social distancing guidelines our class sizes have been reduced. All students will be required to register for any class they wish to attend. All class sizes will be limited to 8 students, except for archery which will be limited to 6. These class sizes are subject to change. 

You can register for classes through the Burbank Pa Kua website. If you intend on attending the same class from week to week, there is an option to hold your registration on a repeated basis. 
*Please note:Classes are first come, first serve. A waitlist will be available and if we see a consistent demand for more availability we will work to add classes to try and accommodate everyone we can.  

UPDATED LIABILITY WAIVER: All students will be required to sign an updated liability waiver before their first class.

SOCIAL DISTANCING: While we will endeavor to maintain the suggested 6′ of social distancing, please keep in mind that some classes such as Martial Arts and Kick Boxing will include activities that require closer contact and touching. If you are not comfortable with this, please let your Instructor or Master know and they will do their best to accommodate you. 

VIRTUAL CLASSES: We will continue to offer all classes virtually for those who feel more comfortable at home. (Excluding archery). 

Temperature: We will be keeping the doors open to increase airflow unless temperatures are extreme. As such, please come prepared if you think you might get cold or hot. 
1) Masks are required for all students. 

2) No grouping at the studio entrance. Parents and students waiting for their next class will need to wait outside or in their vehicles in order to maintain social distancing. Some classes may be staggered to limit person to person contact. 

3) Sanitize hands upon entering. A sanitizing station is available at the entrance to your left as you walk in. 

4) All students must sign in  for every class on their mobile device or studio IPAD.

5) When using school equipment such as bows, weapons, or exercise equipment use the following procedure. 
1) Sanitize your hands
     2) Use provided solution and towel to sanitize the piece of equipment.
     3) Repeat after use.  


6) Please limit use of changing rooms and bathroom. If you can come in your uniform, or with the ability to not use the changing room, please do. 
We look forward to providing a clean, safe, and fun environment for all our students! 

Studio Update – COVID-19

We hope that you and your family are staying healthy and safe in this unsettling time due to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Due to Los Angeles County’s Safer At Home Order for Control of COVID-19, our martial arts studio is currently closed to the public until further notice.

We assure you that World Pa Kua Burbank is focused on the health and safety of our members and guests as well as teachers and members of staff.

Currently, we are developing remote classes to continue to serve you at the highest level despite the widespread closure of fitness centers.

Starting Monday, March 30th we will begin offering online classes. Stay tuned for more information or email

Rest assured, our paramount concern is the health, safety, and well-being of our amazing members, our staff and the communities which we serve. Thank you for being an important part of what we do!

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