After School Program For Burbank And Glendale


Looking for a place for your kid to go after school? Want more from the time between last bell and when you get off work to pick up your child? Why not continue and fill out the education with physical activity, respect, self-defense, and self confidence. World Pa Kua Martial Arts & Health – Burbank is enrolling kids first grade to eighth grade in this after school program. We take kids from all over, and can provide transportation for any kids from all Burbank Elementary and Middle schools as well as Glendale Elementary and Middle schools in west Glendale.

Our after school program is run by Master Kyle Billingsley, a 5th degree black belt with more than 10 years of teaching experience. The program will be entering its 4th year, having started in the 2016-2017 school year and will have no more than 15 kids enrolled. This allows for a personalized and enriching experience where kids can learn to interact with different ages, all abilities, and all skill levels.

Every day we start with open mat time. Letting the kids run and play and use their imagination while learning the very important social skills that we all need. At 3:45 we start a class which runs for an hour. 4:45 we clean up, change, and have quiet time for homework, reading, or quiet practice on the mat. When the kids finish with their work the mat opens back up for play until 6pm pick ups.

Class Schedule

Every Monday/Wednesday/Friday – Martial Arts

Tuesdays – Archery

Thursdays – Weapons (we change weapons by vote every 4 classes. Including swords, knives, nunchucks, staffs, and more)

If you are looking for a place your kids can run, learn discipline, get quality excursive, and have high quality after school experience in thier after school program then come for a meeting with Master Kyle Billingsley. Call (818) 588-4995 to set up a meeting ASAP. Enjoy the rest of your summer and get back to school in Burbank and Glendale with something new to look forward too. Visit the membership page to register.

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(818) 588-4995


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