Enrich life skills
with our After School Program



Master Kyle Billingsley is not just a small business owner. As a father of 2 young boys, he understands both the practical need for child care as well as that nurturing desire to offer them something enriching, something more. The after school program at Burbank Pa Kua was born from that inspiration. This special program offers not just child care but also a place to practice so many of the enriching life skills that we all want for our kids: respect for their physical fitness, responsibility for their actions, confident communication, mindfulness, and the many other skills that martial arts has to offer. All of these skills are at the heart of the fun, kid-centered program designed to instill a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Alonglide class, we will have homework time and open mat time to fill up the 2-3 hours the students will spend at Burbank Pa Kua.

1st-8th grade.


Let us help you get started on your martial arts journey!

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