Are you an actor or performer who needs skills for your resume? Want to book more action oriented roles?  Do you want to impress casting directors and feel confident when asked to do something physical on set?

Come join us for our Actor’s Martial Arts Workshop where we teach you the basic skills you need to safely and confidently show up on set and look the part. THIS IS NOT A STUNT OR STAGE COMBAT CLASS. These are real techniques designed to be simple, safe, and easy to execute so that you can gain real martial arts experience for your resume.

This exclusive workshop will cover topics like:

  • Acrobatic falls and rolls (falling safely is the key to a long lasting career!)
  • Strikes and Combinations (Look like you own the ring!)
  • Kicks (High kicks look great on camera.)
  • Weapon Disarming (A standard go to for all your favorite action stars.)

Each participant will receive footage for their reel as well as a discount on future workshops/classes.

As a sometimes actor himself, Master Mo Williams knows the struggle of seeing an audition you know you’re right for, but lack the resume for. This is especially true for commercials. This class was designed with this in mind.

“While stage combat and stunt training are necessary, often times actors struggle to find their genuine personality when trying to learn complicated choreography. This class is designed to take the basics off your mind and give you the confidence to perform consistently and safely.” 

– Master Mo Williams