A Focus On Weight Loss


Most of the students who come in to my school looking for weight loss solutions think they will find the answer in more rigorous and physical exercise. Many of them come in for rhythm class, or martial arts, trying to find a quick way to shed pounds. There are a couple points each person should know.

First, weight loss is a simple mathematical equation that is hard to implement. You must burn more calories than you consume. If you are not losing weight, this is why.

Secondly, exercise burns calories and the more intense the exercise the more calories you will burn.

Third, each pound of fat in a body contains approximately 3,500 calories.

Forth, my body (200 pounds, 6 food 3 inches, 35 years old) burns about 2000 calories a day to stay alive, maintain temperature, think, breath, etc.

Fifth, 1 hour of walking for pleasure (relaxed pace) burns an additional 130 calories per hour.

Sixth, 1 hour of cardio kickboxing burns about 600-800 calories.

Why is all of that important to understand? Its just information that we can all use to help know how much we need to eat to regulate our own weight. If I do 2 hours of kickboxing, 7 hours of martial arts, 6 hours of tai chi every week, plus my normal burn rate, I need to eat around 3500 calories a day to maintain my weight. So i should eat a fair amount of caloric energy. If I’m looking to lose weight, I should cut about 500 calories out of my diet, or I should add 1 kickboxing class a week.

Each person will need to consider and reflect upon the best way for them to get to the weight they need for their height and build. If I want to lose 1 pound a week, then I should eat 500 less calories each day then I burn. That means you need to learn how to be a little hungry every day.

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