A Focus On Understanding


This last week I had the experience that we all sometimes have, where I believed I understood a concept well but when the idea came up in conversation, I had a moment of epiphany. A new level of understanding.

It’s a funny thing that doesn’t happen that often, but are the moments that define moments of noticeable change in emotion or thought. From one day to the next I felt the internal difference in the way that I was feeling about the actions I was taking. In the end, I haven’t really changed my actions but have achieved a better harmony in them.

Understanding is something that we all try to accomplish in our lives. Understanding of many different ideas, or of the things that we do. To search out and find new levels of understanding a person needs to be in new and uncomfortable situations. As much as I don’t like being out of harmony with myself or my environment, I know that it is so I will be able to learn. If I keep walking the same path, I wont be able to be challenged and so I wont have conflict, I wont put myself out of harmony, and I wont learn how to bring that harmony back.

Understanding the world is about experiences. Every new experience is something we should value.

The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding

Leonardo da Vinci

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