A Focus On Deep Thoughts


Most of us, especially in the modern world, think of ourselves as multitasking. Of being able to answer e-mails, text a friend, cook, and watch the news all in a 15-30 minute window. An average American checks their phone 46 times a day. Assuming they are awake 16 hours, that’s once every 20 minutes.

There have been many studies over the years saying that we need to spend at least 15 minutes getting focused and into a project to be able to really put our mind to it. Those studies show that if we check our phone regularly, we will never be able to bring our full focus to any task.

I just spend a week doing taxes for the extension deadline. To make sure it didn’t take too long I spent 90 minutes in a row with no one around and my phone off so I could keep my focus and not waste any time. Whenever I would attempt to work a little on it I found I would spend 45 minutes and accomplish almost nothing. It took to long to just get all the files open and set up, and then to put them all away at the end.

To accomplish deep thinking on any topic we need to spend time committing to getting into it, and out of it. Have you noticed that each Pa Kua class starts with 12 minutes of warm-up? One big reason for this is to get ourselves focused and into the class, as well as being physically ready.

I hope that you can start turning off your phone, shutting down your e-mails, and locking your office door so that you can spend some time committed to the task at hand.

The secret to multitasking is that it isn’t actually multitasking. It’s just extreme focus and organization.

-Joss Whedon

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